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Who is Playaloves.me Stills + Motion + Design?

“Visual storytelling that stirs the heart…”
We are a boutique visual media company specializing in capturing compelling love stories celebrated throughout the Riviera Maya, Mexico.
We provide:
  • still photography services
  • motion photography (filming) services
  • visual storytelling experiences

Visual Storytellers

Your wedding represents one of the most climactic moments in the unique “love story” unfolding between you and your fiancé(e). These compelling “love stories” are precisely what motivate us and our craft.
At Playaloves.me, we make it personal. We want to get to know our clients so we might gain a deeper understanding about their personal experience. That’s why we dedicate the time to conduct a casual, intimate chat with each of our couples, allowing us to:
  • personalize our service:focusing our coverage on aspects that better cater to you and your interests
  • craft written love stories: creating the perfect compliment to the visual storytelling we provide through our still and motion photography

Wedding Day Storytelling Led by a Professional Journalist

Playaloves.me founding photographer Laura McNamara possesses a professional degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Missouri – Columbia. Formerly working as a reporter and anchor, Laura has appeared on television and has broadcasted on the radio. Both her written articles and documentary photography have been published in international magazines and on important news Websites. Thus, at Playaloves.me we absolutely capitalize upon such seasoned experience and incorporate professional journalistic standards into our visual media services.

Where is Playaloves.me located?

Playaloves.me is based in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. Our offices are located in Playa del Carmen, Mexico and we serve the following Riviera Maya locations:
  • Playa del Carmen
  • Cancun
  • Tulum
  • Riviera Maya
  • Puerto Aventuras
  • Puerto Morelos
  • Cozumel
  • Isla Mujeres
  • Akumal
  • Xcaret
The Playaloves.me crew is also available for wedding assignments and creative projects worldwide. Travel fees may apply to weddings or assignments located outside of our base cities.

Does Playaloves.me charge travel fees for photography services located in the Rivera Maya?

No. However, please be aware that many hotels and resorts may charge additional fees (such as “Day Passes” or “Vendor Fees”) for third party vendors. As these fees vary at each hotel, we cannot include these costs in our rates. Any resort fee is in addition to your quoted rate from Playaloves.me.

What does Playaloves.me Deliver?


Playaloves.me delivers digital photo images in both print-quality and web-ready formats:
  • Collection Images: A completely polished image, retouched by hand and delivered in high resolution digital format – ready to be displayed as a work of art.
  • Digital Negatives: Complete set of frames captured during your event or photo session, delivered in high resolution. Basic retouching included.
  • Digital Proofs: Complete set of frames captured during your event or photo session, delivered in low resolution. Basic retouching included.
No branding or marking is included on the High Resolution, print-quality files. However, Digital Proofs, images that delivered in low-resolution Web-ready format meant for distribution on social networking sites, do include our studio’s logo.
Additional photography products such as albums, prints, etc.. are available for purchase.
In our wedding still photography coverage, we also include a written article as the perfect compliment to the visual narrative of your celebration as captured through out lens.
Wedding photography collections are delivered within two months of your wedding date. You can find more information on our wedding still photography services here.
Lifestyle and Portrait photography clients receive their images within one month of their shoot date.


Playaloves.me delivers digital films and trailers in Full HD format:
  • Feature Films
  • Documentary Films
  • Dynamic Trailers (aka highlights)
  • Segments of Raw Footage of important moments like speeches and toasts, first dances, etc…
  • Creative Projects
You can find more information on our wedding motion photography services here.

How would one describe Playaloves.me Wedding Photography?

Playaloves.me Wedding still and motion photographers are visual storytellers who are committed to capturing an exquisite visual narrative of your unique love story. We work as your personal “photojournalists” and the majority of what we capture is created using “documentary-style” techniques. This guarantees you’ll have images that illustrate the intimate details, raw emotions and unforgettable moments of your wedding celebration. That’s not all, however.
We also want you to take advantage of the opportunity to truly shine as the beautiful bride or dashing groom. Therefore, we mix our photojournalism coverage with elegant and creative portraiture. Both our Wedding still and motion photography always includes a private photography session with the couple. During this private session, your Playaloves.me photographers will help direct you as they capture natural portraits that feature you in the breathtaking landscapes of the Riviera Maya. Applying these portraiture techniques allows us to create truly epic images, trailers and/or films.
Finally, we also spend about 10 to 25 minutes at each wedding on formal portraits with groups, family and bridal parties.

What are my options for Playaloves.me Wedding Photography services?

Playaloves.me is a boutique company offering personalized services. We are committed to expertly documenting each intimate detail that sets your celebration apart. We do not want to force your photography coverage into a “one-size-fits-all” mentality limited by strict, rigid rules. Thus, we are more than happy to customize and tailor any service we offer to better fit your needs.
Just contact us and tell us exactly what you want from us… we’ll be happy to deliver!

Why does Wedding Still Photography coverage include an assistant vs. a second photographer?

We value delivering our clients EXCELLENT photography and not just “a ton” of photos.
Our still photography services are driven by passion, expertise and creativity. With one principal photographer we always deliver what’s promised. Our photography style is passionate, motivated and active. We’re always moving, always ready to capture the next priceless moment. Thus, for average-sized weddings, a second photographer is a bit redundant as he or she will be capturing much of the same thing.
That’s why we choose to include an assistant with every wedding photography coverage. Our assistant is armed with flashes and additional lighting gear. Our assistant is 100% dedicated to expertly lighting your once-in-a-lifetime moments ensuring you will receive quality images that are worthy to be framed and prominently displayed. Our assistant also keeps track of the gear so that your photographer’s only responsibility is to keep his/her eye on YOU.
Feel free to browse our wedding collections. We’re sure you’ll find that our photographer + assistant strategy produces ample material and expert quality results.
However, if your wedding celebration includes 50 guests or more, we do recommend adding a second photographer to create a three-man still photography crew for your wedding still photography coverage.

I have a small wedding (10 guests or less), and I really don’t need to book 4+ hours of Wedding photography services. Does Playaloves.me offer a service that will accommodate my needs?

Of course! Playaloves.me offers the Sweet & Chic Still Photography Collection and the Two Become One Motion Photography Collection. Smaller, more intimate weddings and vow renewals qualify for this coverage. Please contact us for more details.

What equipment does Playaloves.me use?

Playaloves.me is proud to use Nikon professional-grade photography equipment, including specialized lighting gear and professional Ikelite brand underwater photography equipment.

What usage rights are included with my Playaloves.me images?

As a Playaloves.me client, you receive high-resolution, full DPI digital files of your images giving you more control of your photos. No branding or marking is included on the High Resolution, print-quality files. With these digital files, clients possess full printing permissions: make any number of prints, at any given size, at any given time. Clients are also granted rights to share their images with family and friends through online social media sites. We simply ask that credit to Playaloves.me is posted when your images are used online. To help facilitate this request, we provide a second set of images delivered with our studio logo in low-resolution, Web-ready format. Permission from Playaloves.me is required in order to use your images as for-profit promotional material. Images cannot be given or sold to third parties for commercial use.

Does Playaloves.me recommend other vendors?

Yes. Just scroll to the bottom of our our homepage to see a list of vendors we trust. Do not hesitate to contact us about any other vendor recommendation you might need and we will be happy to help!
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