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Founding Photographer Laura McNamara Founding Photographer Laura McNamara

Hola! You found us… and I’m thrilled!

Below, you’ll find our contact form. I feel it’s a bit more polite to share a little about me before asking for a bunch of information from you. However, if you’re in a rush, no worries! Just skip right on past my bio.

I’m Laura McNamara, the ex-pat from the Midwest (yup, I’m from Missouri folks!) who quite often can be heard proclaiming “Que Rico!”

What does “Que Rico!” mean you might ask? It’s a Mexican phrase that literally translates into “how rich,” but the true meaning of the expression gets a bit lost in translation. A better way to explain the meaning is:

Imagine that infamous Italian gesture of putting your two hands to your mouth and kissing the air… physically expressing the great pleasure, joy and contentment that’s welling up inside you, triggered by something that has moved your soul, stirred your heart.

Well, “Que Rico!” is that… in words.

When I first discovered this magical phrase during my travels through Central America in Honduras, I fell in love with it’s meaning. Ever since, I’ve adopted the phrase as my personal mantra: discover, feel and see the “Que Rico!” inherent in every precious moment.

My worldwide wanderings have led me to work with several celebrities as well as standout commercial clients including the IndyCar Racing Series, the American Le Mans Racing Series, Pepsi, John Deere, Bacardi and more. I’ve had photography and articles published in international magazines and on popular Websites including Canadian Running Magazine, Swiss running magazine Fit for Life, UltraRunning Magazine, COLORS Magazine, Halogen TV, Revue Magazine and more. Formerly working as a news reporter and anchor, I have appeared on television and have broadcasted on the radio. Founding Photographer Laura McNamara

Utterly enchanted by the Mexican Caribbean, I truly feel blessed to be able to base my artistic and professional pursuits from the idyllic tropical destination of Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

I am incessantly seeking that which provokes me, passionately in pursuit of anything and everything that literally makes my heart start beatin’ out of my chest… Pet Photography Mexico

My better half, AJ, is certainly one such “heart-pounding” inspiration in my life. THE heart-pounding inspiration of my life rather… with our two adorable and oh-so-mischievous rescued doggies Ahalya and Zoe nipping closely at his heels in the quest of occupying position numero UNO in my heart.

PASSION is our fuel.

LIFE is the journey with LOVE, HEART guiding the way.

The destination? As they say, it’s more about the journey rather than the destination, don’t you agree?

P.S. I love dancing in the moonlight along the surf of the Mexican Caribbean… aka “base camp” for the eternal life quest to experience, capture, share.

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